Chess Conservative – Liberal Democrat announce coalition agreements

Details of the agreements between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have been announced, outlining the coalition’s stance on several environmental topics. A document on the Liberal Democrat’s website outlines measures seeking to fulfill “joi

Chess MN professor eviscerates Monckton in must-see video – TVMOB’s talk proves "how easy it is to fabricate data."

“The number of errors Chris Monckton makes is so enormous it would take a thesis to go through every single one of them.” The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (TVMOB) is a shameless purveyor of hate speech and anti-science disinformation (see links below

Chess NOAA expects “active to extremely active” Atlantic hurricane season – 95% of above normal seasons have 2 Gulf hurricanes, 50% have at least one in June-July

Across the entire Atlantic Basin for the six-month season, which begins June 1, NOAA is projecting a 70 percent probability of the following ranges: *  14 to 23 Named Storms (top winds of 39 mph or higher), including: *  8 to 14 Hurricanes (top winds of 74 mph

Chess Fox news anchors: “We can’t trust BP”

Update: Various media outlets are reporting that BP’s “top kill” procedure has apparently halted the flow of oil and gas from the well.
Think Progress repost by Brad Johnson.

Source: Climate Progress

--> Five weeks into the worst environmental catastrophe in the history of the United States, even the right-wing Fox networks are turning on BP, the foreign oil behemoth responsible for the undersea oil volcano now fouling the shores of Louisiana.  Brad Johnson has

Chess Rove finally admits Bush really blew it during Katrina

Today in the Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove pens an op-ed titled: “Yes, the Gulf Spill is Obama’s Katrina.” He predictably places blame on Obama for a supposedly inadequate response to the BP oil spill. But the real significance of the op-ed is not what co

Chess Obama: “Climate change poses a threat to our way of life.” – Starts the pivot from spill to bill: "We’re not going to be able to sustain this kind of fossil fuel use. This planet can’t sustain it…. I’m going to keep fighting to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation"

UPDATE:  Transcript of Obama presser on BP oil disaster here. Obama gave a big speech at Solyndra, a California solar manufacturing plant, yesterday, which I’ll excerpt below.  For background on Solyndra, see “First Energy Department loan guarante

Chess Vote Vets ad ties BP disaster with national security – In must-see video, Vet who served in clean-up with LA National Guard, explains “When I signed on with the National Guard, I did it to help protect America from our enemies… Not to clean up an oil company’s mess here in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Polls show that Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans overwhelmingly support clean energy and climate legislation Vote Vets has another hard-hitting ad tying the BP oil disaster with the threat our dependence on fossil fuels poses to our national security: Related Post:

Chess Energy and Global Warming News for May 27: Greenland’s uplift is evidence of rapid ice loss; Nation’s largest concentrated PV project opens; Western U.S. grid can handle more renewables

Greenland’s Uplift: Evidence Of Rapid Ice Loss Scientists at the University of Miami say Greenland’s ice is melting so quickly that the land underneath is rising at an accelerated pace. According to the study, some coastal areas are going up by nearly

Chess Calling the shots in the oil disaster response – Two experts argue the Federal Government needs to take command

Whoever is running the disaster response is going to have limited success and what appear to be very visible failures (see Will eco-disasters destroy Obama’s legacy? and 20-year veteran of the Coast Guard: “With a spill of this magnitude and complexity, ther

Chess Making money on an oil disaster – Will BP take responsibility, or squeeze the tragedy for profits the way Exxon did?

ExxonMobil convened its annual shareholders meeting in Dallas this week as the magnitude of the ongoing BP oil disaster grows. This is a reminder that oil companies need to be held accountable for their actions—both while the oil gushes from the ocean floor a

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