Chess Humpback whale rescue may not be over

Boaters and shoreside observers along the Washington and British Columbia coasts are being asked to watch for a humpback whale dragging lines with buoys attached. When the Cascadia team first encountered the humpback whale, it had multiple lines wrapped around it.

Chess BP Discharge Rate

I was talking to a friend of mine today who knows about pumps and asked him what he reckoned the velocity of the BP blow out to be from the video feed. He guessed about 3 km/hour (1.88 mph). (In these sorts of things, I value opinions from practical guys – I

Chess BP and the Climategate Inquiry

Four weeks ago, how many of you knew that BP was the largest oil and gas producer in the United States – larger than ExxonMobil? Put up your hands. Nobody? I didn’t either. How many of you had seen BP’s green advertisements – “beyond

Chess Heartland Presentation

I’ll post up illustrated speaking notes in a day or two, as well as some comments. May 20 – Annotated version online here. I’ve noticed two incomplete versions online. One version is on Youtube in three parts here. It misses the last few minutes

Chess Beddington and the Oxburgh Inquiry

The UK government has provided an incomplete response to Andrew Montford’s FOI request for copies of “correspondence or documentation” related to “the appointment of the [Oxburgh} panel or its deliberations". However, even the incomplete in

Chess The “Hartwell Paper”

Pielke Jr and 13 other authors have published a paper advocating a “re-framing” of climate policy. Co-authors that may be somewhat familiar to CA readers include Atte Korhola and Mike Hulme (a seemingly anomalous search term in the Climategate letters)

Chess Trinity College Presentation, March 2010

I mentioned in March that I was giving a presentation “next Wednesday”on Climategate at Trinity College, University of Toronto. (I’m an alumnus and was a guest member of the Senior Common Room last year.) I meant to post up my talk at the time bu

Chess AR4 on “1998 was the warmest year”

As most CA readers know, a few years ago, I wondered how they knew that 1998 was the warmest year in a millennium – a claim that you don’t see in AR4. Nor, at first (second or even fifth) glance does the assertion, once so prominent, even seem to be ad

Chess The Virginia Statute

How many readers criticizing me for calling Cuccinelli out have bothered reading the actual Virginia statute? Let’s consider something practical – like Mann’s failing to disclose the adverse verification r2 results – and see whether it fit

Chess Correspondence with the University of Virginia

While we’re talking about the University of Virginia, I’ll report today on two complaints filed by Ross and I in April 2005 with the University of Virginia and their handling by then President John Casteen and Vice President Ariel Gomez. On April 22, 20

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