Chess Privilege: The U.S. Vegan Movement, Whiteness, and Race Relations (part 3)

IntroductionIn the last post, I described some of the reasons how and why the animal and veg*n movement(s) are alienating to people of color. In summary, U.S. vegans present themselves as middle-class, single-issue activists who think they have the one truth which

Chess Dyes Inlet scientist starts ‘Naked Whale Research’

Our old friend Jodi Smith has started a nonprofit research organization in Eureka, Calif., where she hopes to specialize in observing killer whales along the West Coast. Jodi could use our help in getting some funding from Pepsi, which I’ll explain in a moment. L

Chess It’s the year of the T’s — transient orcas

I’ve been hearing about transient killer whales in Puget Sound all year. Dozens of these seal-eating orcas have been sighted in small groups here and there throughout the region. Check out Orca Network’s Archives for reports made to that organization. Transien

Chess No end in sight for Gulf oil-spill problems

As the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history unfolds in the Gulf of Mexico, emotions are boiling over along the Gulf Coast. An oil-covered pelican flaps its wings on an island in Barataria Bay off the coast of Louisiana on Sunday. The island, home to hundreds

Chess Journalism awards: A chance to offer thanks

I would like to extend my congratulations to all the winners of the Northwest Excellence in Journalism Contest. I’d like to say thanks for the award given to Watching Our Water Ways. And, while I’m at it, I’d like to chronicle a statistically rare event that

Chess Amusing Monday: When kids control the flow

If you wish to see an impishness rise up in a young child, hand him or her a running water hose, offer a simple instruction and stand back. Dozens of parents have tried this, as you find out if you go to YouTube and search the site for “kids” and “water hos

Chess Studies examine effects of drugs on ecosystems

Investigations are under way throughout the world to determine if drugs that people take for various medical conditions are getting into the environment and affecting other species. So far, the answers are not entirely clear, but studies have shown that pharmaceuti

Chess Work ready for summer, as Skok studies go on

The work of ecosystem restoration is not easy, but does it have to be this hard? The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is spending $4.4 million to study the Skokomish River and its ecosystem in enough detail to understand the workings of this complex river system. What

Chess Blowout survivor’s dramatic tale offers new details

Sunday’s “60 Minutes” program revealed a lot to me about the blowout on the Deepwater Horizon oil-drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. On the technical side, survivor Mike Williams describes a series of human errors in operation and judgment that may have

Chess Amusing Monday: Outrageous underwater sex acts

“Planet 100″ on, with host Sarah Backhouse, features a series of short videos called “Top 5.” They’re mostly fun and informative, including the one shown here on YouTube called “The Top 5 Outrageous Underwater Sex A

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