Chess Global scramble looms for vital ‘clean energy’ minerals

During the Cold War, the U.S. government kept a close watch on supplies of rare earth minerals deemed critical for maintaining military readiness. Source: Corporate Social Responsibility News

Chess “Top-Kill” Attempt to Stop Gulf Leak: So Far, So Good (Updated)

Wednesday’s attempt by BP to plug the oil leak bringing so much destruction to the Gulf of Mexico has stopped the flow, according to a statement this morning from U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen. The procedure, known as “top kill” began  @ 2:00 PM Eastern t

Chess The Big Picture: Photos from the Louisiana Coast

As oil from the Deepwater Horizon leak washes ashore in Louisiana, what was to many an abstract possibility has become all too real. Through a series of 39 images published Monday, The Big Picture offers a glimpse of the situation on the ground. Source: Ecology

Chess New Video: Underwater in the Gulf, with Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

Philippe Cousteau, Jr. and Sam Champion don hazmat diving suits and film the toxic soup of oil and chemical dispersant that’s beneath the surface. ABCNews reports on the unbelievable scene. (The dive begins @ the 0:50 mark after a 15-30 second advertisement.)

Chess New Catalysts Reduce Use of Platinum in Fuel Cells while Increasing Efficiency, Reducing Costs

Chemists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have been awarded three patents for developing catalysts to accelerate chemical reactions in fuel cells. The newly patented catalysts, as well as a method for making a particular type of c

Chess Eco-Roundup | 05.23.10

Canadian Environmentalists and Logging Industry Agree to Protect Millions of Acres of Boreal Forest From the Star: The agreement covers 690,000 square km – an area nearly twice the size of Germany— and ends years of battles over logging in Canada’s massive bo

Chess Report Hails Classification of 18,225 New Live Species, 2,140 Fossil Species — and a Cool Top 10 List

On May 21, the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) at Arizona State University and an international committee of taxonomists announced their “Top 10 List” of new species described in 2009, along with their third annual, State of Observed Spec

Chess High School Students in Santa Barbara, CA, Step Forward for the Environment and their Community

Special thanks to Ana Aguilar, Junior at Santa Barbara High School, for this guest post and her outstanding work for the environment. The Dons Net Caf? is a self-sustained, student-run, social entrepreneurial business located at Santa Barbara High School and run t

Chess Live, Streaming Video from the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico Released (Updated)

[See updates below... CNN now has a working, live feed. The Octoshape plug-in is not required.] Demand for the streaming video released by BP today is so high that it’s overloaded the servers at and wher

Chess Gulf of Mexico Oil Begins to Enter the Loop Current

Surface oil, shown as black and outlined in white, intersects the Loop Current, indicated in red. Source: ESA, May 18, 2010. [Updated May 20, see below] The European Space Agency is reporting that analysis of satellite imagery indicates that oil from the Gulf of M

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