Chess Phase Out of Incandescent Lamps- Implications for International Supply and Demand for Regulatory Compliant Lamps

by Paul Waide - Since early 2007 almost all OECD and many non-OECD governments have announced policies aimed at phasing-out incandescent lighting within their jurisdictions. This study considers the implications of these policy developments in terms of demand for

Chess Three Reports Detail Investment Risks in South and Southeast Asia

By March 2009, sustainable investment in emerging markets had grown to over $300 billion, an estimated $50 billion of which reflect funds specifically branded as socially responsible or sustainable, according to a survey conducted at that time by Mercer. In the stu

Chess Firms urge caution on resource efficiency targets

Target-based resource policies must be considered very cautiously because they could hinder innovation, employers' association BusinessEurope has said ahead of a forthcoming review of the European Commission's thematic strategy on resource use. Source: Corporate

Chess P&G Creates All-Star Panel for Sustainability Advice

Procter and Gamble just kicked off a consumer engagement campaign designed to help its customers use its products in ways that save water, waste, energy and money. Source: Corporate Social Responsibility News

Chess SAM to Update Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

The investment group invites the world's largest companies to participate in its Corporate Sustainability Assessment, to determine inclusion in the group of Sustainability Indexes. Source: Corporate Social Responsibility News

Chess IBM Demands Smaller Supply Chain Footprint

IBM's 28,000 suppliers will need to start tracking, reporting and reducing their environmental impacts, reports The New York Times. Source: Corporate Social Responsibility News

Chess Wal-Mart’s chairman pulls a long supply chain toward sustainability

If a single executive at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. deserves the lion's share of credit for the company's recent drift into corporate sustainability, most agree it is Lee Scott, CEO of the largest retailer on the planet from 2000 to 2009. Source: Corporate Social Resp

Chess LG to invest $18 billion in eco business, cutting emissions

South Korea's LG Group will invest 20 trillion won ($17.90 billion) through 2020 to develop environmentally-friendly businesses and reduce emissions by 40 percent against 2009 levels, unit LG Corp said on Monday. Source: Corporate Social Responsibility News

Chess Powering sustainable growth

China has made significant efforts to pursue energy and resource efficiencies to achieve sustainable development, while the nation still faces challenges in the transition to a low-carbon economy and needs integrated solution systems. Source: Corporate Social Re

Chess CDP Water Disclosure Sends First-Ever Request for Information on Water Use to More Than 300 Companies

The initiative, which aims to inform investors of risks and opportunities relating to corporate water usage, has been signed by 137 financial institutions with a combined $16 trillion in assets. Source: Corporate Social Responsibility News

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